BABS3281 Stats Simulator

This simulator accompanies the statistics lectures for BABS3281 Molecular Frontiers. It plots multiple replicates of Treatment versus Control, sampled from a normal distribution. Set the parameter settings below and the graphs should update automatically.

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An EdwardsLab Shiny App
Version 1.2.0

SEM: Bar chart of mean with +/- Standard Error of Mean (SEM) error bars.

CI: Individual data points are plotted for each sample. Confidence intervals (CI) for the estimation of the mean are plotted as a box with the mean marked as a horizontal line. These CI mark the confidence that the true mean falls within this range. By default, CI are estimated from the sample standard deviation (SD). Alternatively, the “true” CI based on the real SD of the population can be plotted.

BoxPlot: The boxes plot the interquartile range (IQR) of the data, such that half the data is within the box. The whiskers extend to the extreme points that are within 1.5IQR from the box. “Outliers” beyond this range are plotted as individual points. (See R boxplot.stats help or this useful blog post for more on boxplots.